Do everything with just one link for all your social media with Xronia

Create shortened URLs, unique Biolink Pages and get proper analytics of your visitors.

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Biolink Pages

Create your own & unique biolink page, a ton of easy to use settings and implementations.


URL Shortener

Yes! You can use our service as a shortener as well. Make your long URLs shortened.


Affiliate System

Easiest way to earn commission from people that you bring to the platform. Start earning now.

Xronia is your one page to display your latest video, music, website, post or anything important to you. Works on all platforms!

Getting started for free!



Getting started

Unlimited Biolink Pages
Unlimited Biolink Blocks
Unlimited Shortened Links
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Pixels
Unlimited QR Codes
40+ Enabled Biolink Blocks
Unlimited Custom Domains
Unlimited days statistics retentio

+ Custom Back-half
+ Deep linking
+ Custom colors
+ Links scheduling & limiter
+ UTM Parameters
+ Extra Fonts
+ API access
...and more

The most efficient:

Get the maximum with the Gold Ultimate Agency license

ALL IN for a very low price

UNLIMITED Biolink Pages

Create unlimited number of Biolink Pages for you and your customers

UNLIMITED Biolink Blocks

Create unlimited number of Biolink Blocks for each Page

UNLIMITED Shortened Links

Create unlimited Number of Shortened Links


Create unlimited Number of Projects


Create unlimited Number of Pixels for Facebook, Google Analytics, Google etc.


Create unlimited Number of QR-Codes

UNLIMITED Custom Domains

Create unlimited number of domains that you manage

UNLIMITED Payment Processors

Create unlimited payment options with PayPal & Stripe

UNLIMITED Days Statistic

Unlimited time of your statistics for your created links

All functions and extensions unlimited

Links scheduling & limiter

The ability to schedule links for when to go live & when to expire based on amount of clicks or date range

Custom Back-half

Instead of auto generated urls, like /a853we6, you get to choose your own

Deep Linking

Provides the ability to enter deep links, like: steam://rungameid/id

Removable Branding

All the branding will be removed from your created Biolinks

Custom Branding

Change and whitelabel the branding from your created Biolinks

Custom Colors

You can choose your own custom colors for links inside of the Biolink Pages

Indepth Statistics

You get access to more advanced statistics for all your links

Custom Backgrounds

You can add your own custom Biolink Page Backgrounds

Additional Global Domains

You get access to extra domains to use.

SEO Features

Customize the meta tags for your Biolink Pages

UTM Parameters

Easily adjust the UTM parameters for all your links

Extra Fonts

Get access to multiple Fonts to use for your Biolink Page

Password protection

Get access to password protect your links or Biolink Pages

Sensitive content

Get access to enable sensitive content warning on your links or Biolink Pages

Leap Link

The ability to temporarily redirect a Biolink Page to a specific URL

Dofollow links

All your links from your biolink pages will be dofollow links

No Ads

You won't see any ads on the platform and neither will ads be placed on your Biolink Pages

Custom CSS

Add your own CSS to your V-Cards for more customizability

Custom JS

Add your own JavaScript code to your vcards, like a custom tracking code, help chat..etc

API access

Get access to use the REST API

Affiliate access

Get access to one of the affiliate programs to earn money.
We have 2 affiliate programs for you.

TEAM access

The ability to create teams, invite members based on specific permissions so that they can collaborate between accounts.

Over 40 Biolink Blocks

Link, Heading, Paragraph, Avatar, Image, Socials, Mail signup, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, TikTok, PayPal, Phone collector, Apple Music, Tidal, Anchor FM, Twitter Tweet, Instagram Media, RSS Feed, Custom HTML, VCard, Image Grid, Divider, FAQ, Discord Server, Facebook Post, Reddit Post, Audio, Video, File, Countdown, Call to action, External item, Share, Youtube Feed, Donation, Product, Service

The most asked questions

Why do I need Xronia?

If you don't want to hustle hard for a sweet Smart Landingpage or Portfolio than you are absolutley right with Xronia.
Basically gather all your details on the internet under one beautiful page and share it anywhere you want.
You can use your buildet Website for example on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or other Social Media Platforms that you want.

You can use Xronia as Link in Bio, but also as a URL shortener.

Why Xronia and no other aternatives?

Xronia offers you very fast and extensive support to all your questions and offers you for a small price, over 40 Blocks and possibilities to design your own Link-in-Bio Micro-Landing-Page & shorten long URLs.

Do Xronia have a Premium Trial Plan?

YES! Xronia offers you a 7-Day Trial for the Silver or Gold Membership.

Don't worry! You don't have to leave any Bank details!
After the 7 Days Trial, you will automatically be downgraded back to the FREE Membership, which will always remain FREE - PROMISED!

Do you offer an Affiliate-Plan

YES! We have an affiliate program which you can find on the affiliate page here.

Please note that with the conditions we give you, this is only possible if you own have the "Gold - Ultimate Plan" membership.

We remain fair, because:
You don't get a one time payment for your affiliate. You will always get commission if your affiliate decides to make recurring payments.
The only exception to this is if someone decides to become a lifetime member.

What payment methods does Xronia offer?

We offer the payment of Fiat-Money with PayPal or Stripe.

If you want to pay with Cryptocurrencies, we have included Coinbase as an integration.

Do Xronia offer discounts or Coupon Codes?

YES! We have Banner Ads for you after the free registration.

There you will find Banners to the Discounts- or Coupon Codes.

Please note that the offers in the Banners are limited!
For our loyal Fans who have activated the Notification-Bell, there is occasionally a special bonus - Do you activated the Bell? 🤑

How can I turn off the ads?

You don't want to see Ads on your Link in Bio Page anymore?
This is ONLY visible in the FREE Version of Xronia.

If you have the Silver or Gold Membership, the Page is COMPLETELY FREE of Ads.

Does Xronia offer support?

Of course! We have video tutorials for you on our support page.
If there are any concerns, you can write us a ticket on the support page.

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