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Create shortened URLs, unique biolink pages and get proper analytics of your visitors.

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Biolink Pages

Create your own & unique biolink page, a ton of easy to use settings and implementations.


URL Shortener

Yes! You can use our service as a shortener as well. Make your long URLs shortened.


Affiliate System

Easiest way to earn commission from people that you bring to the platform. Start earning now.

Xronia is your one page to display your latest video, music, website, post or anything important to you. Works on all platforms!

Dashboard Total Statistics

Dashboard Total Statistics

Check the total statistics:

Total Domains
Total Projects
Total Links
Total Clicks

Link Details

Link Details

Check the link details for every single link you generated:

Operating System

Generated QR-Code

QR Link Code

Get the QR-Code for every generated link:

You can design your QR-Code with your collors and upload your own small Logo in there.

Of course you can download your generated QR-Code and use it where ever you want.

34 Biolink Blocks

Biolink Blocks

36 Biolink Blocks integradet:

You want to design your own Micor-Ladingpage e.g. Instagram or TikTok?

We have a big solution with Xronia to do that what you want!

Choose multible Biolink Blocks to create Your page with up to 23 Biolink Blocks.

Yeah! Thats nice!

Getting started for free!



Getting started

6 Biolink Pages
6 Biolink Blocks
6 Shortened Links
3 Projects
1 Pixels
10 QR Codes
7 Enabled Biolink Blocks
1 Custom Domains
3 days statistics retentio

+ Custom Back-half
+ Deep linking
+ Custom colors
+ Links scheduling & limiter
+ UTM Parameters
+ Extra Fonts
+ API access

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